Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Monday, November 21, 2011

Do Re Me

Did you guys watch 'Lost'? Well, Collin and I watched every episode, some of them twice, and I may or may not have cried when I heard 'bad robot' for the last time after the finale. If you watched 'Lost' then maybe you watched the youtube video that summed up the ENTIRE show in like 2 minutes? It was hilarious, super accurate, really fast, and had like 150 episodes worth of information in one tiny, little video. AWESOME. Well, today I give you my really fast, hopefully super accurate, and potentially hilarious 2 minute re-cap of the last month for us.

Here we go:

Our big computer broke so we bought the cheapest replacement possible: the Ipad.

I fail at blogging from the Ipad. Pictures are not in the right order, and it kind of stinks.

Nolan started moving really fast everywhere. Not in a true crawl, more in a forward motion belly-flop.

Collin has been interviewing for internships like crazy.

Nolan and I flew to Arizona 2 times in 2 weeks.

We had Peptobismol-colored soup for Halloween dinner (I was trying to make it orange, fail again) and Nolan was a duck.

We had family fun night at a bowling-ally.

We had to lower the crib so crawly-mccrawlerson doesn't get out.

Nolan sleeps on his side, no matter what, even in the stroller.

A good friend came over and took some photos of Nolan and me and though I've only seen one so far, I am SOOO happy with them. She rocks.

Life is good. We are blessed beyond measure. Nolan is 6-months old today. We'll take him to the doctor next week to see how large he is. He's our favorite person in the whole wide world.

We're excited for Thanksgiving. Daddy gets like 4 days off. Be still my soul!

That's all for now, unless you want to visit myspoiledeggs.blogspot.com for more. If not, then that really is all for now.

Dear Dad and Dub,

You are welcome.

Love, Ash

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Boys

After church I headed to the bedroom to take off my shoes, and when I came back into the living room I found my boys hanging out in their white shirts, with their ties off. It melted my little heart. I love these 2 more than anything and I'm so glad that I have such sweet boys in my life!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

My mom:

a home maker

a wife

a mother to all

a chef

a server









My mom is without a doubt my best friend in the world. We talk on the phone at least once a day, and usually more. She answers my questions from 'do you think he's ready for vegetables yet?' to 'he's crying and I don't know why'. She knows how to make me feel better with just the sound of her voice and I love her so much.

Mama, sorry your gift isn't there today, on your birthday. Hopefully the delivery guy is right, and it will be there by the 18th! I love you and hope you have the best birthday ever!

Love, Ash

Friday, October 7, 2011

Things I Know This Month That I Didn't Know 4 Months Ago

1. It takes 9 sprays of body splash before getting on the bus, to still smell good after you've ridden the bus, and to not smell like dirty feet and sewage.

2. Having more than 1 pair of jeans is the way to go. I've been sporting 1 pair of jeans for the past several months and just saved up and got me a second pair. It's a whole new world of outfit possibilities!! (It should be noted that I have about 1 billion skirts, so don't feel bad for me for not having many jeans.)

3. Just because a baby does not crawl does not mean he can not get into things he shouldn't get into. Rolling and scooting are just as effective as crawling, in regards to getting into forbidden areas like book shelves.

4. Schedules are made to be broken. But it's way better when they're not broken.

5. Panama and Cuba are not the same place. Yep.

6. Baby food rocks.

7. Homesickness can be conquered, but we still are counting down the days til we see our family for Christmas. WE CAN NOT WAIT!!

Happy Weekend...and here's a picture for Nolan's grandmas.

Monday, October 3, 2011

This Is How We Moby

Well, we went with the Moby. Thanks for all of your input and advice. Especially yours Case, for making me feel crappy about needing a sling for my baby. We can't all be as buff and have the stamina you do! :) Teasing, only teasing. We've had the Moby for exactly 3 days and Nolan has already fallen asleep in it 3 times. Each time he looks dead, but I promise you he isn't. And who can resist Collin wearing the Moby? Not I.