Monday, September 19, 2011

My Brothers Are Old!!

Today is my big brother Matthew's birthday. For his sake I won't tell you how old he is. :) Matthew is the brother that always kept me on my toes. A walk down the hallway at home was never just a walk down the hallway. It was usually a roping arena and if my little calf-heels weren't moving at an exceptional pace, he'd have me heeled before I knew it. Matthew was always quick to forgive, quick to ask for forgiveness, and behind that tough facade, he's a big ol' softy with a humongous heart. My most recent favorite memories of Matt are of 4 months ago when Nolan was born. Matt and his sweet wife Janis took amazing care of us during those 2 weeks we were in Idaho. Matt taught me a lot of things about babies that I'm still banking on today. Things like,

"Is he breathing? Then you're good"
"Bag Balm is the answer for everything"
"Sleep when the baby sleeps"

I figure he learned most of that stuff from his wife, but I'll give him credit on his birthday!

Anyway, Matt's an awesome brother, and he deserves an awesome birthday. So Matt, if you're reading this (which is totally debatable) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Mamma Martin said...

Eeek!! If your brothers are old then your mother must be REALLY old!! Happy Birthday, Matthew!!

Rylee said...

happy birthday to matt. and its true bag balm is pretty much always the answer!